Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, I naturally fell in love with this notion of an outdoors lifestyle- hiking, camping, foraging, exploring and never ceasing to feed my soul with the bounty of my surroundings. I graduated from my small mountain high school and moved to the city of Fort Collins where I received my Bachelor's of the Arts in Ceramics, an endorsement for k-12 Arts Education as well as a Minor in Arts Administration. Upon graduating in the fall of 2015 I accepted a teaching position at Alameda International Jr./Sr. High School where I have been working to build a high school-level, Creative Career Pathways program as well as structuring a 7-12 STEAM oriented arts program. Teaching art at the secondary level has been a unique opportunity to reflect on my own artistic practices as I continue to also work and build my own arts career; it truly allows me to teach through experience.