Choosing to work in clay as a means to explore the dynamic relationships between people, pots and time. Clay, unlike most materials such as metal or glass, is intrinsically worthless; its value comprised entirely of the skill and poetic capacity of the maker. I explore this narrative within my pots and sculptural work: seeking to understand the ways in which people connect to, appreciate and understand such a mundane material.

As I meander through the deep cuts into the mountainsides of the West, I see canvases of color, texture and evidence of times since past. The colors, shapes, textures and orientations in each clustering of stone, speaks to a unique story and process. Each and every pebble containing lifetimes of silent observations. I see this same narrative emerge within ceramic objects. These sentient beings sharing the same qualities and ideas of origin, experience, aesthetic and historic record. As humans, I think we seek out the wisdom offered by objects of process and transformation.

In my process, I craft each ceramic stone within these works with a new source of origin. My fingertips providing the various shapes, colors and character, just as they do with the pots and frames on which they reside. Emulating the same notions of character, variety, and form of these natural formations, without recreating them.